UNLOCKING - Step by Step

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Phase 1: Getting you unlock code

  1. Call Verizon customer support and ask them for Global Customer Care.
  2. When you are finally connected, tell them you need the SIM unlock codes for your device because you are traveling overseas to some remote country that only uses GSM.
  3. If they tell you they cant give you them or they dont have them or any other excuse, say thank you, hang up and go back to step 1 and repeat. It took me 3 calls before someone finally gave me them. Also, dont get all fired up and start screaming because chances are they make a note on your account and it will make it even harder during followup calls. You might also want to try getting the SIM unlock codes from regular customer support.
  4. Write down the unlock code, it is a 16 digit number, you will need it later.

Phase 2: Unlocking your device

  1. Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> SIM Card
  2. Flip your phone to horizontal mode and bring up the keyboard. To bring up the keyboard, hit the BlackBerry button and press Show Keyboard.
  3. Hold down Caps Lock key until it locks.
  4. Type "MEPD" without the quotes. This will bring up the SIM Card screen.
  5. You should see a list of Active and Disabled SIM locking categories.
  6. Again, hold down the Caps Lock key until it locks.
  7. This time type "MEP2"
  8. You should get a dialog that says "Enter Network MEP code (10 left):"
  9. Enter the SIM unlock code you got from Verizon and hit the Enter button.

*MAKE SURE YOU TYPE IT EXACTLY AS YOU WERE GIVEN IT* If you type it incorrect 10 times, you will render your phone useless. If it doesnt work after the first 2 times, call Verizon back and verify the number you got is right.

Phase 3: Forcing the Phone to use GSM

  1. Pull the battery out and pull the Verizon SIM card out. Easiest way is with a pencil eraser.
  2. Put the new SIM card from either TMobile of ATT in and put the battery back in.
  3. When the phone finally boots back up go to Options -> Mobile Network
  4. Change the Network Technology to GSM/UMTS
  5. Hit the back button and wait as your GSM carrier is detected and the phone is registered with them.
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