Typing Tweaks

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Better settings for keyboard

  1. Open the BB menu by pressing the BB Menu button.
  2. Scroll down to 'Options', select by pressing the icon.
  3. Scroll to 'Screen/Keyboard' and select.
  4. Scroll to 'Touchscreen'.
  • Key Rate to Fast.
    • This makes it just a bit easier to type faster
  • Increase the Tap Interval to 100.
    • This is how much time you have between taps to have a double tap be registered. For Example: Zooming in the browser.
  • Increase the Hover Period to 100.
    • This is how long it takes for you to activate hover "special events". For Example: When you hover on a line while typing it will give you a box which you can move around to move insertion point.
  • Increase the Swipe Sensitivity to High (6).
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