SUPER © Video Converter

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First Go to SUPER © .
Scroll to the bottom and click " Start Downloading SUPER © "
On the next page in the middle of all that red text click the "download and use" link.
Scroll to the bottom of that page and click "Download SUPER © setup file"
That should start the download of SUPERsetup.exe. I know it sounds real shady, and I agree the website is a total mess, but the program is real, and free and gets the job done.

If your on vista then right click the Super icon and select "Run as administrator" or it may crash on you.

Once you have SUPER then you can plug the settings in as you see below.

If your source file is 16:9 (If it looks Widescreen then use this one)


If your source file is 4:3 (Looks like a square video)


Once you have your settings correct before you convert a file press ctrl+t and select a new location to put your converted files because the default is [C:\Program Files\eRightSoft\SUPER\OutPut] which is not convenient at all.

Next Press ctrl+a and select the file(s) you want to convert.
Make sure the boxes beside the files you want to process are checked.

Next click "Encode (Active Files)" It will take a while, but when it's finished you will have a beautiful mp4 video to put on your Storm!

Finally copy the newly created mp4 video file(s) to your Storm's Micro SD card. Put them in the \BlackBerry\videos directory of your Micro SD card.

After they are copied over then unplug your Storm and show off your video!


  • I think there's a virus in this Program!!??
    • There's no virus in Super. One person reported being infected by Backdoor.Graybird, but if you got it from the site I linked to in my post it did not come with the download. If you downloaded it from somewhere else on the web then there's your problem. The site repeatedly tells you to only download Super from them. So I'm guessing that malware/spamers have probably uploaded it to phishing sites to snag people. Always make sure you download things from their original website, or from a trusted location like, and always run antivirus and scan stuff you are installing.
  • Where do I find the files?
    • You were suposed to change the output directory by pressing CTRL+t C:\Program Files\eRightSoft\SUPER\OutPut
  • Why are there black bars on my video?
    • Even though it looks "widescreen" the storm is native 4:3 not 16:9. So unless you want to streach everybody and make them tall and skiny you will still have the black bars.
  • Is there a way to make it fullscreen without the black bars?
    • Yes you can crop the file when you do the transcode, but I haven't done it yet. I'll post it when I figure it out.
  • When i go to encode the video file it only does about 2 min of the movie and then stops. the resulting file is very small and is only the first couple minutes of the movie with very fast speed and audio that does not line up to picture. I checked the settings and everything is the same, any ideas on why this is happening?
    • Your source video file is corrupted. I've had this happen on a few files. The only thing you can do is try to find a different version of the file.
  • I'm trying to convert a movie purchased from itunes but the super software gives me an error. When I view the details of the error it tells me not enough space on my drive. I have plenty of space. Now when i tried it with a movie (same extension .m4v) that was ripped in the past, it works. Any suggestions??
    • Meet DRM. Itunes store video files are encoded with fairplay digital rights management that means they will only play on Itunes, Ipod, or AppleTV. There may be a way to strip the DRM from them, but I don't know it.
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