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I don't know why it is so hard to understand the problem here. There IS a problem with SOME phones that were released. I was one of the "lucky" ones that got stuck with an old rev of the screen plate. I dunno if i'm the only one that realizes this, but hopefully this will shed some light on the issues we've been having.

First! How to fix it temporarily until you get verizon to replace it:
Currently I am using two cardboard pieces cut out in the size of the battery from a cereal box. It seems to work well thickness wise. I have placed them over the battery between the back cover and battery. NOT UNDER THE BATTERY AS SHOWN IN OTHER POSTS! That is WRONG and will mess things up for sure. I'm not saying that this method is any safer or wont harm the phone. But, i have been using this "fix" for a few days now with NO problems. Again just cut out two pieces of cardboard from a cereal box in the shape of the battery and thats all. Take care when closing the lid. Mine buldges out a hair, but it seems to have no ill affects.

Next! The problem with the screen metal backplate. There are two different versions floating around and that is the cause of all these problems with not being able to click around the edges.

Look at the difference in the green circled areas. I'm sure there are more differences ESPECIALLY with the dome in the center, but i do not have pictures of that. You can see how there are rounded areas on the newer one rather than sharp 90 degree corners. This allows more material to support the screen and is more rigid. I think the newer one is thicker too. After comparing in the store with the demos which were the "new" rev, there is a BIGGG DIFFERENCE and there IS INDEED a problem with the ones that do not click around the edges! If anyone wants to take theirs apart to compare and post pics that would help clear things up even more.

OLD REV (taken from PCMAG):

NEW REV (taken from slashgear):

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