Screen Click Problem Fixed

Seems that some of the BB Storm have problems with clicking the corners of the screen. Here is a fix posted by Jascias over at

  1. Need micro TORX (T6) screw driver and small needle.
  2. Open back and you will see a red sticker and directly across from it you will see a silver screw. Under the red sticker is a identical screw. These 2 screws are screwed on too tight.
  3. Using the small needle, you can take off the sticker for replacement later. Unscrew both screws one or two turns (Don't worry about them being too loose, they will still be tight)
  4. Replace sticker, screen is fixed.
  5. I used to have to fix my console gamepads by doing this, so It just popped in my head to try this an it worked.

If your still having problems with the screen clicking go back to step 3 and adjust the screws until you get to the point where your comfortable with the screen click

Screen Click Problem fixed using a different method

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