Blackberry Storm Applications


There are many applications available for Blackberry. Unfortunately, as the Storm (9500/9530) is considered "State of the Art", it is widely unsupported. It is important to understand the following:

  • BlackBerry Storm runs on OS 4.7
    • Many other BlackBerry's run 4.2 as the common lowest, and 4.5 as the common highest.
  • Many developers rarely take advantage of the GPS, the accelerometer, the touch screen, or the SureType screen.
  • Until AppWorld launches, BlackBerry Storm exclusive applications are the most sparse and decentralized of all the existing BlackBerry devices.

Before You Begin

Make sure the Core Browser identification is set to "BlackBerry".

  1. Open Browser
  2. Menu Key
    • Options
      • Browser Configuration
  3. Browser Identification
    • Set to "BlackBerry"

Compatibility Issues

For certain applications you can disable compatibility mode.
To do so:

  • Go to Options —> Advanced Options —> Applications
  • Highlight (Don't click) the app —> Menu Key —> Disable Compatibility Mode

When to disable compatibility mode:

  • If you suspect the app has been installed in compatibility mode
    • Sluggish
    • Screen is surrounded by a blue border
    • The keyboard will not disappear

List of Applications

Below is a list of applications that is kept as current as possible, including but not limited to: FreeWare, ShareWare, DonationWare, Paid, and Subscription.

Free Applications

12/06/08 Health Jobs Australia Instant Messenger
12/06/08 Nursing in Australia Social Networking
12/06/08 air spray gun Locks/Hides Files (i.e. Porn) See for info
12/06/08 Flickr Photo Sharing
12/06/08 Flycast Radio Streaming
12/06/08 GCalc Graphing Calculator (In Alpha testing) 05/07/08 Airless Spray
05/07/08 air spray gun
12/06/08 GMail Email
12/06/08 Google Maps Mapping v. 3.0.2 (GPS is NOW supported!!)
12/06/08 Google Sync Sync Calendar/Contacts from your Google account
12/06/08 Oxone Google Talk Instant Messaging
12/06/08 Got 2 Task Management (In Alpha testing)
12/06/08 ICQ Instant Messaging… Do People still use this?
12/06/08 Instango Instant messaging AIM/GTalk/MSN/Yahoo etc…
12/06/08 Jabplite Bank/Credit Card Tracking
12/06/08 Myspace Social Network
12/06/08 Nav4All Navigation
12/06/08 Opera Mini Browser
12/06/08 Orb Stream Music Collection from desktop to Blackberry (App to install on Desktop: See this This Thread for more info)
12/06/08 Trapster Social Network for Police hideouts and red light cameras
12/06/08 Viigo RSS Reader and More
12/06/08 WeatherBug Weather
12/06/08 Windows Live Messenger Instant Messenger
12/06/08 Yahoo Messenger Instant Messaging
12/06/08 YouTube Video Streaming
12/07/08 TheStreet Stock Analysis and News Articles
12/07/08 TinyTwitter Update Twitter
12/07/08 WorldMate Live Personal Travel Assistant (Free, but $99 annually for gold version)
12/08/08 Wall Street Journal Financial News
12/09/08 CitiCards Online banking for Citi Credit Cards
12/09/08 Pocket Day Home Screen Replacement
12/10/08 AutoLock Automatically locks you keys after a set amount of time
12/10/08 StormGrounds Download wallpapers right from your Storm
12/11/08 Handango In Hand Handango App Store (Apps Listed are all pay apps)
12/14/08 BB Light 1.86 Lights up screen on emails and texts
12/19/08 Talk Lock Locks screen during call
12/22/08 AP Mobile News
01/09/09 Slacker Streams by specific artists
01/10/09 Guitar Chords Guitar Chords
01/10/09 Sunclock World Clock
01/13/09 Bank of America Mobile Banking BoA Mobile Banking App
01/13/09 Tiltris Tetris with tilt (accelerometer). Open with your mobile -> Quick Download -> enter Quick Download Code 40256
01/19/09 Live Search Free local search app from Microsoft. Note: You must use Version 4.0 (linked here) and disable compatibility mode
01/26/09 BuzzMe Vibrate and Rings phone at same time
02/10/09 Poynt Search everything using GPS
02/11/09 StormLock Lock your phone during a call
03/17/09 Where Search Yelp, Yellowpages, ZipCar, Traffic, Weather, and StarBucks via GPS

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Paid Applications

12/06/08 Agendus Calendar, Contact, Task Integration Shareware $19.95
12/06/08 Appetite Download Recipes/ Manage Grocery List Shareware $9.99
12/06/08 Ascendo Money Personal Finance Manager Shareware $29.95
12/06/08 Ascendo DataVault Password Manager Shareware $29.95
12/06/08 Blackberry Alerts Repeating auduble alerts and color LED modification Shareware $12.95
12/06/08 Nintaii Game using Accelerometer Shareware $9.99
12/06/08 PeeKaWho SMS/Email Popup Notification Shareware $10
12/06/08 VibAndRing Vibrate and Ring Shareware $8.95
12/06/08 VisualArts Auto change wallpaper Shareware $4.95
12/07/08 Devil Hunter First Person Shooter Shareware $9.95
12/09/08 BeamReader PDF App Shareware $19.99, $9.99 w/ promo code 'newbeam' (exp. 01/31)
12/11/08 Visual Voicemail Verizon Visual Voicemail APP $2.99/ month with subscription from Verizon
12/22/08 Phone Face Speed dial using contact pictures Shareware $9.95
12/22/08 Ringomo Create ringtones from MP3's Shareware $19.95
12/22/08 txtForward Forwards all text messages sent and received to a specified email address Shareware $9.95
12/23/08 Garmin Mobile GPS GPS with turn-by-turn navigation, Google local search, etc Shareware $79 (limited time offer)
01/07/09 StormLock automatically locks the touch screen when a call is active Shareware $1.95
01/20/09 IM+ for Skype Mobile application for text communication with other Skype users and cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles.
01/20/09 IM+ with IM Push - Chat AIM / iChat, MSN / Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM with no cost per message. New IM Push mode! Send and receive IM as an email and save battery life
01/20/09 Repligo Reader Heavy-duty PDF reader that costs $19.95. OTA link is for a 10-day trial.

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Compatibility Issues

12/06/08 Beyond411 Directory
12/06/08 CaptureIT Screen shots of your Storm
12/06/08 SlyDial Call a cell phone voice mail directly
12/06/08 Soft Reset Reset without a battery pull
12/06/08 TwitterBerry Update Twitter
12/06/08 VLingo US Verizon Only - Email by Voice
12/06/08 VRingo Synchronize Facebook Contact Pictures With Blackberry (Must add Vringo app on Facebook)
12/06/08 Where See Whats Around You.
12/06/08 XBerry Live Retrieve XBox Live Stats
12/07/08 Quick Pull Reset without a battery pull
12/22/08 BBNotePad
12/22/08 Bee Tagg
12/22/08 MarketFilters StockQuote
12/22/08 Super Pages
01/20/09 BBTaskPro Disable compatibility mode. The link is for a 15-day trial — full version is $19.95.

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N/A Beejive Jive Talk
N/A Fennec Mobile Browser (Firefox)
N/A RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mobiles

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